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"As someone over 40, I have found the classes fabulous. They cater for all ages, have been great fun, and are wonderful exercise. They have already been recommended to family and friends!"

Karen, 41,

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"I have been doing pole dancing for a few months. The classes are good fun and really good excercise. The classes have improved my upper body strength and toned my tummy since having my baby.  I would recommend anyone to give it a try!"

Rachel, 23,

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"My friends arranged for me to do pole dancing and lap dancing for my Hen party. it was fantastic....i enjoyed it so much im taking regular classes!!!  Pammie was a great teacher and made sure the girls and I had the best time!"

Annik, 28,

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"Where do i start? I wanted to do pole dancing so that I stopped getting stuck up poles when I was out! I was nervous to start but the minute I met the instructor all nerves left me – she is great, such a good teacher and such a laugh! It’s like pole dancing with these guys has given me confidence and I look forward to the classes every week. The instructors are jus fab at what they do and make you feel comfortable and relaxed - and make u look ACE on a pole!"

Rachael, 26,